Entertainers Publicity & Model Portfolios

High quality model photography for portfolios, singers and entertainers publicity and actors headshots.

High quality palin or imaginative images to make you shine and give you the edge when looking for work.

I have been delivering high quality images for the entertainment sector for years. With the client’s specific ideas in mind we can create clean cut, moody or a bespoke photograph as required.

I can mask out blemishes, take years off the subject and add a wow factor to get you noticed. 

I will edit and re-touch the images so they are as high end as you want.

I can also do subtle! Such as actors headshots which are high quality images with minimal retouching.

I can cover business, corporate, editorial and PR photography requirements.

Everyone’s requirements are so different, planning and discussing is key. Let me know what you’re thinking and together we can make a plan.

Actors Headshots

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